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Classic Manuals

The range of manuals Clas6 supply are all in softbound or hardbound book format and include:

  • Workshop Manuals
  • Owners Handbooks
  • Buyers Guides
  • Restoration Guides
  • Improvement and Tuning Guides
  • Parts Books

We stock the latest print runs of a wide range of genuine Land Rover, Jaguar, MG, Rover, Triumph and Austin-Healey publications, which are authorised either by the manufacturer or by British Motor Heritage.

We have a wide range of aftermarket manuals from independent publishers such as Haynes, Veloce, Bentley and Autobooks, covering classic cars, classic bikes and classic 4x4s.

For some harder to find manuals, we carry a range of newly printed reproductions of original manufacturer and aftermarket manuals for many classic British motorcycle brands and for several Ford, Austin, MG, Riley, Standard and Sunbeam cars. We also supply reproduction handbooks for continental classic cars such as Alfa Romeo and BMW.


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Classic Manuals from Clas6